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blackout_icons's Journal

Incendiary Designs
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Incendiary Designs was started on December 27th, 2004 by injection (Nikki) and mansruin (El). We are your mods. Fear and obey.

in·cen·di·ar·y (adj) means: causing or capable of causing fire, or involving arson.

Incendiary Designs is a request community, to join click here. After that, you're added. None of that "add me" crap. If you're not seeing the entries right away it's because LJ takes a little bit to give you access to the entries, because all of Incendiary is Friends Only. Don't piss and whine, we don't care, we can't fix it, and we will just delete your entry and possibly ban you for being annoying. Read the rules, use the request form.. and you should be just fine ;D.


Basically, don't waste our fucking time.
We do not have a request limit per week. But do not overload my makers, or I'll go ninja on your ass.

[o1.] When using anything from anyone in this community, CREDIT is always necessary. If you use an icon we make, credit goes in the keywords. If you do not know how to do this read here. If you use a banner, background, anything other than an icon, credit must be in your userinfo. No excuses.

[o2.] Never, EVER hotlink anything we make. Save it to your own computer, and drag your happy ass over to photobucket, imageshack or whatever to upload it. If you don't feel like signing up for anything, use tinypic.com. See? No excuse.

[o3.] When requesting you must use the request form, being that it makes it easier for us. Failure to comply will result in deletion of your post, and possibly ban (have you noticed we really want to ban yet?). You must also put the makers username in the subject line, and make all posts friends only. You will be asked once to fix your mistake, and if you fail to do so after 24 hours, your post will be deleted.

[o4.] You must choose a maker, then what you get is what you get. If you don't like it, do not request it again in hopes it'll be better. Your fault, jackass.

[o5.] The mods are allowed to ban you for whatever fuckhead reason they choose. If you want to argue it? Knock yourself out.
   What are some definite reasons we'll ban you?
      [a.] Crossposting = Ban. What's crossposting? Making the exact same request in 2 communities. It's rude. [Hah. Who are we to talk about rude?]
      [b.] "OMFG IT'Z BEN LIKE 3 DAYZ SINCE I REQUESTED!! IZ IT GOING TO GET DONE OR NOT?!" = Ban. Fuck you. We're allowed to do things outside of livejournal.
      [c.] Not using something that we spent time on JUST for you = Ban. That's just a cuntish thing to do. Ask us to spend our precious time making something specifically for you and then not using it? Boo on that, you're gone.


Giving us creative freedom with your graphics will totally benefit you. Supplying examples are not encouraged, as we are not required to use them. The final animation, text, or anything is up to the maker. If you decide to provide an example, please choose an example by the maker you're requesting from. You're just a douche if you don't. And never, EVER hotlink. Copy/paste this form into your post, delete the ( )'s afterward; those are just for you.


Type of Graphic: (icon, header, etc.)


Size: (perferrably in pixels, thanks)


Animation (y/n):

Picture(s): (links)

Anything else?: (add any specific detail here)